Oscina weave tantalising tunes and spellbinding songs for concerts, balfolk & Euro-dances.

Oscina brings together three accomplished musicians to create their unique and captivating sound ... Anna Pack (diatonic accordions), Frances Watt (voice, flutes) and Chris Walshaw (sax, pipes, whistles). Together they create mesmerising dance music to lose yourself in.

The line-up

Anna Pack

Anna Pack is a dancer & musician with a long-standing interest in French traditional dance, performing in duos with Blowzabella's Dave Shepherd and Hekety's Jo Veal, as well as having performed with Karen Tweed and others in The Chase & Circa Compania. 

Frances Watt

A founder of FolkBeat, Frances Watt is a flute player and community choir leader who has extensive Eurodance & performance experience in bands such as The Chase, Circa Compania and JigJaw.

Chris Walshaw

Chris Walshaw plays English & French bagpipes, saxophone, flute and whistles. He is well known on the Eurodance scene with bands such as Meridian, MoltenAmba, The Chase, The Duellists & Angles.


Together Anna, Frances & Chris bring a range of musical textures and a wealth of experience playing for Balfolk and Eurodance events to bring the driving, intricate soundscape that is Oscina.

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Fun FAQs

What does Oscina mean?

Strictly speaking, nothing. But it's derived from "oscine", meaning songbird.

How is Oscina pronounced?

Opinions vary ... come to a gig and find out how we pronounce it.